Leverage the Voice of your Team

The easiest and fastest way to regularly collect honest and valuable insights from your team.

  • Easy and automated installation and operation

  • Created in collaboration with actors in the field (HRs, CEOs, Team leaders, ...)

  • For all sectors and company sizes

  • Multi-language

Improve your team’s engagement and your company’s productivity

Lead your company to a better engagement
Measure - Understand - Improve




Capture what is really important to them and continuously measure what they experience and feel within your company

Listen constantly to the voice of your teams

Get actionable insights to take decisions with the greatest impact

Weigh and prioritize your decisions

Engagement Culture Performance

Build with your team a better collective engagement

Boost the engagement of your people for a more committed and efficient organization 


It's quick, it's easy,
and it's also human

eBloom is the alliance between human and digit​al to improve everyday life in companies.

Our innovative solution enables people to express themselves openly and
anonymously in their working environment. They just need to react in a quick and easy way to a simple statement that we like to call Click&Bloom. You access real-time to these valuable insights through a dynamic dashboard

eBloom offers a digital solution that enables people to express themselves openly and anonymously

Our business convictions

Make your succes grow by investing in your team

Making your business grow starts by investing in your team!


We participate in the positive development of your business. By improving the engagement of your people, we will together increase productivity, decrease human turnover and strengthen collective performances within your company.

Your partner for success

At eBloom, we are driven by three convictions:

  1. Happiness at work can become the new normal

  2. Everyone can have a positive impact on engagement through communication

  3. Someone who is engaged in his job is a driving force for his company

Discover the real benefits for your organization

Click&Bloom address topics impacting people's engagement at work.



The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t said.

                         Peter Drucker


Click&Bloom are employee experience related statements. They address topics impacting people's engagement at work.

Your team is instantly heard through a dynamic  dashboard


Get access to a library of Click&Bloom, jointly developed with HRs and Top Managers, and create your own playlists! 

Personalize the Click&Bloom to best fit the specificities of your company.

We thought you'd like it

Start using it instantly

Start using it instantly

No implementation is needed to launch eBloom in your company. It starts whenever you decide!

Configure it to your needs

Configure it to your needs

Decide how often you want your team to receive Click&Bloom and automate it. You can always plan your week as you wish.

Better understand specific teams

Better understand specific teams

Subdivide your company by creating specific teams, assess the employee experience in each one, and take

targeted actions.

Integrate it on your Slack

Integrate it on your Slack/Teams

Enable your team to access the pulse directly from the company's Slack/Teams. You don't use it? No worries, a Mail integration is also available. 

Some of our happy Bloomers

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François de Borchgrave, KOIS


Managing Partner


eBloom has made it easy for us to unearth valuable feedback on a regular basis. The system is straightforward, with minimal effort required on both ends. It has allowed employees to provide feedback on what matters most to them and gave us insights into areas we didn’t always know needed improvements.


Based on eBloom’s results, we’ve taken concrete actions that have bettered employee satisfaction and enabled a more transparent communication within our company.


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