Honest and valuable insights

from your team, designed for SMEs

Lead your company to a better employee experience

by voicing people in their working environment

We capture what is important to them in their professional life

We continuously measure what they experience and feel within your company

What matters to

your people?

How do 

they feel today?

Valuable Voicing

What needs improvement

to make them bloom?

We provide you with a piloting tool that reveals insights and highlights what is needed to act upon


It's quick, it's easy,

but it's also human

eBloom is the alliance between human and digit​al to improve everyday life in companies.

Our innovative solution enables
people to express themselves openly and anonymously in their working environment. They just need to react in a quick and easy way to a simple statement that we like to call Click&Bloom. You access real-time to these valuable insights through a dynamic dashboard



The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t said.

                         Peter Drucker

Is there a Click&Bloom you would like to ask to your team?

Click&Bloom are employee experience related statements. They address topics impacting people's engagement at work. You have always access to our library of 140+ Click&Bloom and have the possibility to create your own playlists. 

Your team is instantly heard through a dynamic  dashboard


We thought you'd like it

Be always connected to your people

Improve the daily life of your company by always being aware of how your team feels.  

Configure it 

to your needs

Decide how often you want your teams to receive Click&Bloom and then automate it. You can always arrange your week as you wish.

Better understand specific teams

Subdivide your company by creating teams of minimum 8  people. It allows you to assess the employee experience in each team and take targeted actions.

Integrate it on your Slack

Enable your team to get notifications and to access the pulse directly from the company's Slack.

What is your degree of happiness? 


Enjoy Very Happy Freely

for up to 20 users

Mélissa Fiorilli, ListMinut

Easy to integrate tool that reveals the different feelings in a work team. The results are classified into categories to pinpoint areas that need improvement.

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