Empowering Organizations for a Better Workplace Experience

Our mission is to redefine performance management by fostering collaboration and compassionate leadership. Founded in 2020, we combine the power of human interaction with cutting-edge technology to transform how companies approach work-life. Our platform is trusted by renowned entities such as Bruxelles Propreté, Keytrade Bank, Intys Consulting, N-SIDE and XLG.

eBloom Team: Pioneers in Employee Performance Management

Our Journey and Dedication to Excellence.

Our Values



Agility drives continuous improvements. We can testify it by the agility our clients demonstrate to their people’s feelings at work, allowing them to continually strive for a better employee experience. This agility is also in eBloom’s DNA. We constantly make our tool evolve depending on our clients’ needs.



Trust is the foundation for honest communication and relation. eBloom creates a trustful environment where workers know they can express themselves freely. We also build strong trusting relationships with our clients, to ensure long-lasting and successful collaborations.



We support companies that base their intentions on benevolence towards their teams. We help them create a benevolent atmosphere in the company that encourages people to share their feelings and contribute to improving the work experience. This is how everyone gets the most out of it.

It All Started With A Crazy Dream

We dreamed of a world where people feel professionally fulfilled at work. To achieve this, it appeared clear to us that we had to value everyone’s feelings and ideas at work… but not in any way. It had to be the easiest and fastest way to leverage all people’s voices! And so we did, by creating eBloom.

We Make It Fun

The user experience is at the heart of our solution. Fun, colorful, user-friendly… Everything is developed to offer the best user experience to our Bloomers.

We Make It Participative

eBloom turns everyone into an active player in boosting happiness in companies. Let’s make it a global project!

We Make It Unique

We Understand Your Uniqueness. Every company faces its own set of challenges, and we're here to listen. eBloom offers a range of flexible options designed to align with your specific needs, without the need for custom development. Our focus is on understanding your objectives to ensure the right setup for your organization.

We Keep It Simple

A software of absolute simplicity? It does exist! Fast and intuitive, everything has been thought to save time and effort for you and your team!

Meet our team

We're a diverse group of professionals with backgrounds in technology, and business strategy. United by a shared vision, we're committed to delivering a product that makes a tangible difference in the lives of our users.

Our board of directors is distinguished by its experienced and diverse team, including Jonathan Schockaert, CEO and co-founder of Ring Twice; Nicolas Cognaux, CTO and co-founder of Seety and Covevent; Sebastien Lebbe, CEO and co-founder of Wooclap; Frederic Gilmard, former HR director at Bpost; Marjorie Lambeaux, Managing Director of Axis Group - HR Advisor; and Laurent Peeters, International HR Director. This diversity of skills and wealth of experience contribute significantly to eBloom's business strategy.

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