TeamPulse: Real-Time Insights, Real Team Growth

At eBloom, we understand the power of listening. Our TeamPulse feedback feature is designed to capture the voice of your teams, providing a platform where their experiences and feelings are heard and valued.

eBloom TeamPulse Dashboard: Real-Time Employee Feedback and Insights

Listen Constantly To The Voice Of Your Teams

With eBloom, you can tap into what truly matters to your team. Our platform allows for real-time feedback, capturing the pulse of your organization and providing insights into the experiences and sentiments of your team members. The pulse is taken around five key areas. This comprehensive approach ensures that you gain a holistic understanding of your employee engagement and satisfaction, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive continuous improvement and foster a positive work environment.

Work & Lifestyle

Evaluate how your team values their level of autonomy, the purpose of their work, their opportunities for learning and development, their mastery of their roles, their overall well-being, and their work-life balance.

Team & Interaction

Understand the importance your team places on collaboration, peer recognition, and the overall team environment. Gain insights into how they perceive their relationships with colleagues.

Management & Leadership

Assess the significance your team attributes to leadership, the support and recognition they receive from their managers, and the quality of their relationships with management.

Policy & Support

Measure how your team perceives their working conditions, rewards, company practices, and the organization's focus on its people. This can provide valuable insights into your company's policies and support systems.

Adherence & Culture

Determine how your team values the company's reputation, mission, values, and its environmental and social commitments. This can help you understand how well your team aligns with your company culture.

How it works

Weigh And Prioritize Your Decisions

eBloom doesn't just capture feedback—we turn it into actionable insights. Our platform helps you understand the data, allowing you to make informed decisions that have the greatest impact on your team and your organization.

Measure, Understand, Improve

At eBloom, we believe in the power of continuous improvement. Our platform allows you to measure feedback, understand the data, and take steps to improve engagement and performance.

Build With Your Team A Better Collective Engagement

Engagement is the key to a committed and efficient organization. With eBloom's continuous feedback feature, you can boost engagement, fostering a culture where everyone feels heard and valued.

Your Team Is Instantly Heard Through A Dynamic Dashboard

Our dynamic dashboard puts feedback at your fingertips. With eBloom, your team's voice is instantly heard, allowing you to respond in real-time and foster a culture of open communication.

Compare and Benchmark

With eBloom, you can compare results between teams and benchmark your teams against industry standards. This allows you to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, helping you drive performance and engagement across your organization.

What end users say

Hear directly from the people who use eBloom every day. Our platform is designed to empower individual team members, and here's how it's making a difference in their work lives. From fostering open communication to feeling truly heard, discover the impact eBloom is having on our users.

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Thanks to eBloom, our HR department regularly and concretely demonstrates how it is concerned about our well-being.

Anonymous user

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Since I started using eBloom, I feel like I can contribute to improving my company in ways other than just my work.

Anonymous user

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With eBloom, I feel heard by my employer and I appreciate the fact that they genuinely care about how I feel. This makes the company I work for more human in my eyes. All companies should use eBloom!

Anonymous user

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Without eBloom, it can sometimes be difficult to express oneself within an organization. Thanks to eBloom, my experience has been made easier. We strive to work as one team...

Anonymous user

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eBloom feels like my little personal buddy whenever something could be improved in the company. I'm free to share feelings without judgment and this is a goldmine for leaders of a company. Honest feedbacks without filters.

Anonymous user

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