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“It helped us implement a strong bottom-up corporate culture”

Since we use eBloom at 5th Floor, we are able to measure the level of satisfaction of our employees on various topics. This enables us to identify pain points, generate ideas for improvement and finally measure the effects once actions have been taken.  In short, eBloom helps us to implement a strong bottom-up corporate culture. And as a bonus, it's very pleasant to work with the eBloom team, which is always dynamic and attentive to our needs. I am very happy to have chosen to work with eBloom!"

Luc Vansteenkiste
Founding Partner at 5th Floor

“It gave us insights into areas we didn’t always know needed improvements”

eBloom has made it easy for us to unearth valuable feedback on a regular basis. The system is straightforward, with minimal effort required on both ends. It has allowed employees to provide feedback on what matters most to them and gave us insights into areas we didn’t always know needed improvements. Based on eBloom’s results, we’ve taken concrete actions that have bettered employee satisfaction and enabled a more transparent communication within our company."

François de Borchgrave
Managing Partner at KOIS

“The dashboard allows us to understand our teams easily and frequently”

The eBloom dashboard allows us to understand the thoughts and feelings within our organisation easily and frequently, and therefore constantly measuring their experience with total anonymity.

Maitham Alsarraf
HR Coordinator at N-SIDE

“A product that evolves with our needs”

I really like the collaboration with eBloom. eBloom takes my feedback and continues to develop the solution based on it and other clients' feedback. This allows us to have a product that evolves with our needs.

Iriantsoa Rajerison
Head of Employee Experience & Innovation at INTYS CONSULTING

“It helped us know where to put our energy ”

eBloom allows us to give our employees a voice anonymously and to hear feelings that we would not have heard otherwise. Thanks to eBloom, we were able to compare our perception of our strengths and areas for improvement with the real feelings of our employees. The feedback collected helps us know where to put our energy and what to work on to boost engagement at UWE. The participative aspect also allows us to generate constructive ideas to work together to improve the employee experience. Beyond the tool, the eBloom team is dynamic, responsive and motivated!

Anne-Laure François
Director of "Pôle Appui et Gestion" Union Wallonne des Entreprises

“Delighted by eBloom's Features to Accompany Our Strong Growth”

Everyone is delighted with the tool for its user-friendliness and speed. Every 6 weeks, we share the results with our staff using the reports provided by eBloom. As we are experiencing strong growth, it is imperative for us to monitor the satisfaction level of our teams. At the slightest drop in an indicator, we can react immediately.

Philippe Opsomer
CFO at enerdeal

“eBloom Makes Our Team Feel Valued and Enhances Communication with In-Store Staff”

Since we implemented eBloom at Chauraci, I truly see the positive impact on collaborators' motivation. They feel valued and are happy and proud to contribute to improvements in the company. It's also a great way of getting closer to our in-store staff, with whom we can now discuss topics that we probably wouldn't have addressed without eBloom.

Catherine Brumagne
Finance and Human Resrources Director at Chauraci

“eBloom Helps Us Adapt to Challenges and Engage Collaborators in Organizational Changes”

I use eBloom every week with my collaborators. I really like the way we can adapt our use to our challenges. For instance, when organizing events, eBloom enables us to hear our people's concerns and preferences and involve them in the various options. Then,  still with the help of eBloom, we can gather everyone's feedback and include them in the implementation of new proposals. eBloom really helps to support and engage collaborators in organizational changes.

Sophie Van Ophalfens
General inspector at Bruxelles-propreté

“eBloom Builds Trust and Open Communication for Our Remote Team at PHCOM—We're Very Satisfied!”

With 95% of our staff working from home, eBloom is a real ally in maintaining connections with our teams. The tool helps us build a climate of trust and open communication within PHCOM. Our colleagues really feel heard and are grateful for this demonstration of benevolent management. We're very satisfied!

Nadia Ben Jelloun
Trainer - Coach - Consultant at PHCOM
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