Maxel : “EBloom Helps Us Cultivate A Positive And Harmonious Work Environment ”

Improve your work environment with eBloom's employee feedback system. Identify issues, recognise your team's needs, and collaborate better.
Maxel : “EBloom Helps Us Cultivate A Positive And Harmonious Work Environment ”
Published on
March 27, 2023

“When we recruit new team members, our focus on well-being sets us apart and can be a deciding factor for candidates. It shows our commitment to our team and reinforces our values.”

What HR challenges do you face at Maxel ?

“At Maxel, our initial challenge is to cultivate a dynamic and cohesive team that can effectively cater to our customers’ evolving needs as we continue to expand. As the HR Manager, my objective is to ensure that each team member finds fulfillment in their role, responsibilities, workload, and work environment. We believe that these factors are crucial for maintaining positive internal relations and delivering excellent service to our customers. As such, we are constantly seeking out new talent to join our team, all while nurturing a robust and inclusive company culture.”

How does eBloom help you with these challenges ?

“Thanks to eBloom, we are able to regularly gather feedback from our employees, either weekly or monthly depending on the frequency we have chosen. This approach enables us to identify dissatisfaction, or alerts on certain issues, and pinpoint areas that require improvement. The anonymous nature of this process allows us to consider the needs of our employees regarding recognition, collaboration with team members, and many other topics. In essence, eBloom helps us cultivate a positive and harmonious work environment for our teams.”

How do you use eBloom ?

“At Maxel, we have been utilizing eBloom on a regular basis for more than a year. Every week, we present five questions or statements to our employees, and they have the opportunity to share their feedback. Over the past few months, we have been collecting all the responses, which has enabled us to identify areas of concern that we have been able to explore further through more specific employee surveys. Our aim is to comprehend the underlying reasons behind any dissatisfaction or expressed needs, so that we can establish concrete avenues for improvement.”

“At the end of each year, we gather all members of Maxel to discuss the results of the surveys and the proposed avenues for improvement made by our employees. We break into small groups of five or six people, each working on a specific theme and brainstorming together to identify actionable steps to improve various aspects of our company. We are thrilled to see the high level of engagement and enthusiasm from everyone involved, as we work towards implementing the suggested improvements. We are encouraged by the fact that everyone is invested in making a positive change, and we have already identified simple solutions, such as relocating the coffee machine to a more communal area, that can significantly improve our daily work life. Our team is optimistic about the future and eager to put these ideas into practice to enhance our business.”

“For example, one of my colleagues suggested discussing well-being to address the most critical drivers of job satisfaction, such as trust, autonomy, and listening. So, we conducted surveys to identify what would help our employees feel better. I was pleasantly surprised by how much they needed to express themselves on these subjects. Some provided detailed responses to the questions I asked, and we received many ideas and suggestions. While some suggestions were challenging to implement due to Maxel’s obligations as an employer, we appreciated the feedback from employees. I always remind them that we welcome their ideas and suggestions, and we are open to their opinions.”

Why did you implement eBloom at Maxel ?

“At Maxel, we have implemented eBloom to take care of our employees’ well-being, which has had a very positive impact. When we speak to partners or clients, they are often surprised and impressed that we prioritize our employees’ feelings. Additionally, when we recruit new team members, our focus on well-being sets us apart and can be a deciding factor for candidates. It shows our commitment to our team and reinforces our values.”

What do you like about eBloom ?

“I particularly appreciate eBloom’s reporting feature, which enables us to select a reference period to track progress over time. This way, we can monitor whether things are improving or worsening. For instance, we can generate a report for one month or six months and compare the trends. Personally, I find it extremely helpful to track data trends and evaluate the impact of the measures we have implemented.”

“I appreciate the fun and user-friendly aspect of eBloom. The results are presented in a clear and visible way, which allows us to easily understand the overall sentiment of the company. Additionally, the ability to compare data between different teams highlights areas that require improvement, making it highly valuable. However, what I admire most about eBloom is its well-crafted design, which enhances the overall user experience.”

What advice would you give to other Bloomers ?

“For other eBloom users, I recommend taking advantage of the Click&Bloom feature to explore different themes and dig deeper with the use of tags. Personally, I’ve found it beneficial to use polls alongside eBloom to gather more comprehensive feedback and enable employees to express themselves more extensively beyond just using smileys and comments. Polls are an excellent way to collect additional information, especially concerning critical points or flagged topics. Combining the two can help create a more complete picture of employee satisfaction and identify areas where improvements can be made.”

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