Syndic4You : “It’s Really Super Easy To Use, I Mean, It Couldn’t Be Easier”

Syndic4You : "It's really super easy to use, I mean, it couldn't be easier. Great experience, with high participation rates from the team!"
Syndic4You : “It’s Really Super Easy To Use, I Mean, It Couldn’t Be Easier”
Published on
November 3, 2022
Syndic4you presentation

“It’s really super easy to use, I mean, it couldn’t be easier.”

eBloom in 3 words :

Caring Culture, Simplicity, Discussion Opener

“Great experience with eBloom, with high participation rates from the team! It’s a way to bring benevolence to the team every week and open up discussion.”

What HR Challenges Do You Face At Syndic4you?

“We quickly went from a very small team (4 people) to a medium-sized team (14 people). When you grow that fast, the human dimension is very important. We had to set up new processes and think about all sorts of things that we didn’t have to think about when we were a team of 4 people. So our challenge was to make sure that Syndic4you was growing healthily, by listening to our people.”

How Does EBloom Help You With These Challenges?

“We’ve had a really good experience with eBloom. It has helped us every week:

  • to take action on things we wouldn’t have seen or didn’t know about. People don’t always express themselves directly. eBloom is a way for them to express their feelings confidently.
  • to prepare ourselves for things that are about to happen or to understand how certain things are experienced. eBloom allows us to have a constant feeling of what is happening and how internal events are experienced.
  • to open the discussion on issues. eBloom is a way to bring benevolence within the team and to open up discussions.

For example, if we notice via eBloom that the atmosphere in the office is not so good, it allows us to dig into the subject, to talk about it in order to better understand the cause of the problem and to be able to act on it.

Our employees were very disappointed that we had to stop using eBloom, but unfortunately, the size of the team had become too small to respect the anonymity rules.”

How Do You Use EBloom?

“We used eBloom a lot, with high participation rates from the team!

Each week we would ask 3 questions and then review them at the team meeting. I used this time to communicate a short summary of the answers and comments given to the questions. I would also explain the actions that management was committed to taking, whenever possible.

The purpose of this moment was to quickly :

  • present the results
  • show that we were aware of these results
  • provide feedback on them (give some explanations, communicate the actions to be taken, etc.)

The idea is not to turn it into a round table, nor to open a debate. It is important to preserve anonymity and not to force employees to reveal themselves around the table.

As for the questions asked, I adapted them according to what we were experiencing. This agility is a strength of the tool! I had my list of preferred questions and then I selected, among them, the ones that made sense according to the internal events.

Example: when we had to lay off some people, we focused the questions more on “job security”, “atmosphere”, etc. topics.”

What Do You Like About EBloom?

“It’s really super easy to use, I mean, it couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s scheduling questions or answering them, it really takes 2 seconds. Plus, it’s integrated with our Slack.

One of the great strengths of the tool is the agility it gives, to be able to address the right themes according to what we are experiencing.

There is also the fun aspect of discovering “this week’s topics”.

The fact that the tool is multilingual is also an asset. This is a good thing because we have French, Dutch and English speakers on the team.”

What Actions Have You Taken Based On The Results?

“All sorts of actions, initiatives, discussions were generated thanks to the results.

For example, when we moved offices, we realized through eBloom that there was a problem with the organization of the offices and that there were things to organize differently. Thanks to eBloom, we were able to see all this and work on it.

Another example, at one point there was some slackness in terms of work ethics. eBloom allowed us to identify this and to open the discussion by planning a meeting all together on the subject. Following which we recalled the points of attention on how to work together.”

What Do You Think Of The Provided Support?

“Nothing to complain about in terms of support. The eBloom team is very reactive to answer our questions or solve a difficulty. The online chat is very convenient and works great.”

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