Intys: "EBloom is the weekly get-together with our employees".

Intys: "We can connect with our teams in just a few clicks! eBloom is the weekly get-together with our employees."
Intys: "EBloom is the weekly get-together with our employees".
Published on
July 5, 2022
“At Intys, the large majority of employees are consultants who are on assignment at our clients’ sites and with whom we do not have direct contact on a daily basis. It’s a real challenge to monitor the evolution of their employee experience on a daily basis. Via the eBloom mobile application, we can connect with our teams in a few clicks, wherever they are! eBloom is the weekly “rendez-vous” with our employees. We are alerted in real-time about the challenges they face and equipped to act reactively. eBloom allows me to save a lot of time and to know where to invest my energy to have the best impact on their engagement. On top of that, the team is responsive and includes us in their development of the solution.”
Intys : "eBloom est le rendez-vous de la semaine avec nos collaborateurs"

What HR challenges do you face at Intys?

“We are a consulting company, and we regularly welcome new employees. Our main challenge is to succeed in onboarding all these newcomers to the Intys culture.

This challenge is amplified by the fact that the majority of our employees are consultants who are on missions for our clients. It is therefore a challenge for us to be in direct contact with them on a daily basis. More specifically, we are looking for the best communication tools that allow us to send them any type of information and to have exchanges with them in order to monitor their employee experience and define ways that we can implement to improve it.

Another particularity that we encounter is that a large part of our employees are under 30 years old. They appreciate hands-on and time-saving technology tools. It is therefore essential that we offer solutions that appeal to a digitally oriented population, for whom the user experience is important.“

How does eBloom help you in these challenges?

On the one hand, there’s the mobile app aspect. It’s really the format, which fits our employees and their needs. It allows us to have continuous feedback from employees on their experience (on different themes), even though they are based at our clients’ sites. We are alerted in real-time about the challenges they face and are therefore equipped to act in a reactive and proactive manner.

We also appreciate the fact eBloom is quick, easy and only requires a maximum of 3 minutes of involvement per week.

The eBloom solution, therefore, responds well to the expectations of a young and dynamic population that wants to stay connected with their company despite the fact that they are based at our clients’.“

How do you use eBloom?

Selection of questions

“What is important for us is to understand two things:

  • How do our consultants feel on a daily basis, how is their life at the client?
Even if it is difficult to have a direct impact on the days spent working for our clients, it is important for us to know how our consultants’ day-to-day lives are going and what their level of satisfaction is with their experience at our clients so that we can improve it if necessary.
  • How is their relationship with Intys and the internal organization?
Although consultants are less often based in the Intys office, we have a policy of continuous improvement at Intys and we can launch new initiatives when the need arises to improve the internal organization of our company.
We need to find a balance between these two aspects of their employee experience (at the client and at Intys). This is why we ask questions that cover both aspects.
Concretely, we will look for inspiration in the panoply of questions available in the Bloomothèque. Once we have made our selection, we divide the questions into two versions: “at Intys” and “at the client’s”.“

Frequency of questions

We ask our questions at a frequency of 1x/week because this allows us to stay in regular contact with our employees. This regular contact is important to maintain transparent communication between the consultants and the internal organisation of Intys. For this reason, we really like to keep this weekly frequency, it’s the weekly Intys appointment in order to share their voice.

What do you like about eBloom?

“I think the playlist system is really relevant. For me, the ability to manage and automate playlists is key, it allows us :

  • not having to prepare questions manually every week
  • to have a direct view of all the questions that will be asked
  • not having to remember what has been asked to avoid redundancy

All this saves a lot of time.

I also appreciate the results dashboard! The visuals are easy to understand and very practical. These are designs that can be shared very easily. It is also worth mentioning that there is the possibility of making Excel exports when desired.“

How did the results you collected help you?

“What is extremely useful is to be able to identify topics that are relevant to employees. This allows us to avoid preconceived ideas and to quickly and clearly identify the needs of our employees and therefore offer them a quality employee experience. With this in mind, eBloom allows us to either highlight topics that we might not have thought of or confirm new anticipated needs.

Thanks to the “flag” system (allowing employees to specify that a topic is particularly important to them), we can really understand where their expectations stand. This is valuable information that allows us to know where we can have the greatest impact on their experience.

For example, when we identify a topic that employees are less satisfied with, we might think we absolutely have to do something about it. Here, eBloom allows us to realize that the level of importance given to this topic is low. We know that it is not by working on this subject that we will have the greatest impact on the well-being of our employees.

In the same way, the Focus Matrix, which maps the themes according to their importance and satisfaction is also very useful. It allows us to focus more on the issues that are important to employees. We invest in priority on the issues with high importance and an average satisfaction rate.

These aspects are very important as when we only receive satisfaction scores, we can think of a lot of possible initiatives. So how to prioritise them? The challenge is to prioritise the initiatives by evaluating the impact generated in relation to the effort required. eBloom is a tool that helps us prioritise initiatives by telling us directly what will have the most impact in terms of results. Of these, we can successively evaluate which ones are quick fixes and which ones require longer-term investment.“

What actions have you taken based on the results?

Setting up a collective brainstorming session: we invite our employees over lunchtime to think together about initiatives that could be put in place to improve their experience. The brainstorming was based on the results collected through eBloom.

Our teams within eBloom are organised in their respective business units. This allows us to make our analysis by business unit and therefore see the different scores for each one. Each business unit shares its results with the others. When a business unit achieves a great eBloom score on a subject, they share their best practices with others to help them increase their scores. They explain concretely what they are doing and what they have put in place to achieve these super scores. This inspires others to put things in place as well and pulls all business units towards higher scores.“

What do you think of the support provided?

First of all, the eBloom team is very responsive, it’s really nice to work with them. When I encounter a difficulty, eBloom reacts dynamically and often finds solutions.

I also appreciate the fact that, as a customer, we are included in the development of the tool. For example, we were recently invited to an eBloom service design session to define the next developments of the tool with them. Our feedback is taken into account and integrated into the roadmap whenever possible. This consideration is really appreciated, I feel heard and listened to.

eBloom in 3 words?

“Innovation, Connection, Proactivity”

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