Enerdeal: "We drew a great lesson from everything these surveys told us"

Enerdeal: "We drew a great lesson from everything these surveys told us. We reacted very quickly, and the employees appreciated it."
Enerdeal: "We drew a great lesson from everything these surveys told us"
Published on
November 27, 2023

Enerdeal: "We drew a great lesson from everything these surveys told us"

Everyone is delighted with the tool for its user-friendliness and speed. Every 6 weeks, we share the results with our staff using the reports provided by eBloom.

As we are experiencing strong growth, it is imperative for us to monitor the satisfaction level of our teams. At the slightest drop in an indicator, we can react immediately.”

What HR challenges do you face at Enerdeal?

“Today, we still have these two challenges: attracting the right profiles and, most importantly, retaining those who are good on board. Because today, the training period, not just onboarding but the actual time required for an employee to deliver what is expected in the solar industry, takes six to nine months. This means that all the time invested in onboarding and coaching will be lost. So, we want to ensure that the people we hire and who are good stay.”

How does eBloom help you in these challenges?

eBloom serves to show that we value our employees, and it's not just words, we act on it. What is very positive is the word of mouth. So, newcomers quickly know that it is monitored, that there were reactions when there were negative messages. We talk about it during onboarding; it's part of the checklist.

As soon as someone new arrives for onboarding, they receive ISO training, safety training, and information about eBloom. So, I inform them about the tool, send them emails via the platform for registration, and the feedback is always very enthusiastic.

People talk a lot. You've seen in the offices, we have this big table where everyone gathers for lunch. It's also part of the friendliness that eBloom brings, really feeling the teams and giving them the means to let us know if they are doing well or if there are things that are not going well.

So, it will be a tool to measure satisfaction and also a tool for retention."

How do you use eBloom?

“Every two weeks, every other Wednesday, they give their opinion on the few questions we ask.

I regularly review to see if I stick with the standard library or go back to the few variants we had requested. And for now, I'm on the standard library where I pick my questions.

The first use is a monitoring tool. I look after each survey to see where we stand. So, every two weeks, I do a review. Every six weeks, I summarize the last three months. I analyze, discuss it with the management committee, and if we see a worrying area, we refine the questions for the next surveys and see which questions need to be asked. That's how, on one occasion, I asked you to create some questions on a specific topic, and you reacted by adding them to the library.

Every six weeks, our teams receive the overall Enerdeal report for the past six weeks. It's always with a three-month effect where we see with them in the report (that you make) and send to them, saying, "Listen, today based on the last three months, etc., we see that there are no points of concern. Thank you."”

How do your employees perceive the tool?

"They see that it is genuinely a management tool. It's not just for show.

It means: "we listen to you, and we take into account what you tell us, and your feelings matter to us." It's not fake.

The product was immediately well-received, immediately well-used. The participation rate has dropped a bit, but it's vacation time. The last question shot was 61%.

So, that was a bit low. But as long as we're around 70%, we're happy. The goal is 70% participation and a satisfaction rate trending towards 80%. And we're there, we're well beyond it, we even exceed it.

I presented it to the Human Resources director of the EDP group, which is our new shareholder. He was amazed. He said, "I'll see what I can do" because they only measure satisfaction once a year, and I told them, "Listen, that's a no, you have to measure continuously." So, I showed them the tool and sent them reports.

It goes very well when presented."

How have the collected results been useful to you?

"We drew a great lesson from everything these surveys told us. We reacted very quickly, and the employees appreciated it. They saw that what they told us every two weeks, even with 5 smileys, was interpreted. And every six weeks, I give them feedback on the overall position of the company, the different questions, those that attract our attention.

There is a desire from the management committee to follow this, and we talk about it very often, and we react quickly, but for now, overall, we don't see any questions that catch our attention to the point of having to take action. Why? Because, as you saw in the results, we currently have no indicators that are bad. They are all around 80%, so in the five areas, they are all around 80%. So, I mean, we don't rest on our laurels. We are aware that we must continue to follow, but today, we have no concerns about the well-being of the teams. The goal is to identify their well-being and happiness in working with us.

That's how you perform. You can't perform if you don't have teams that are well in their minds, well in their jobs, etc.

I think eBloom is a plus for a company and its teams."

What actions have you implemented based on the results?

"The one we took was when they all complained that work was encroaching entirely on their private lives. We know we have teams that work a lot, and so the reaction is to say, OK, we give you five more days off.

And there, I think they couldn't believe it themselves.

I wasn't aware of their workload because Project Managers are people we see very little in the office, at most once a week. So, I didn't see their workload, and I think the alarm via eBloom was revealing."

What do you like about eBloom?

"The main strength is the conviviality and user-friendliness. Just the five smileys and five questions. So easy.

Very friendly, very easy to use, and since it's friendly and easy to use, it goes very quickly. So, there is never anyone who can say, "I didn't have time." They receive the notice in their mailbox at ten on Wednesday or on their smartphone. If they don't answer the five questions, it's because they don't want to play the game.

I find that the questions are very broad and targeted at the same time when you want to focus. So, it really allows deep-diving, going down according to the levels of questions you have. Which is very practical for me, who updates the library for surveys every two weeks, is to see the questions, when they were last asked. That's really very practical too, so I can be sure to renew regularly.

The other element we used was the surveys, and it worked well."

What do you think of the support provided?

"Perfect. When we asked questions, I got answers right away. When I asked for new texts, it was done right away. impeccable. For this type of service, I think any company is willing to pay more.

When I listed everything you do for this price, I think there is such importance, there is such a quality of tool, and the subject is so important that I think all companies are willing to pay more for an effective tool."

What advice would you give to other Bloomers?

"It's really about talking about it. Regular debriefings with the teams. To get users to respond to polls, you have to show them that the results are analyzed, taken into account with corrective measures if necessary. That's really the important issue, I think, showing that we do something with it.

If there is a problematic issue, we discuss it. So, this problematic issue is any issue in the five themes that falls below 70%. And then, we discuss it in the management committee."

eBloom in 3 words?

“Easy – Purple – Voicing People”

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