Penbox: “EBloom Is Highly Valued By Our Collaborators And Helps Us Stand Out To Them As Well As In Our Recruitment.”

Learn how Penbox uses eBloom's results to boost employee engagement, recognition, cohesion, transparency, and stand out in recruitment.
Penbox: “EBloom Is Highly Valued By Our Collaborators And Helps Us Stand Out To Them As Well As In Our Recruitment.”
Published on
May 16, 2023

“We highly recommend eBloom. It’s a great management tool with a quick implementation, which allows us to obtain tangible results and to determine the points we need to work on. It’s simple, useful, and allows us to build something beautiful for our company!”

What is Penbox?

“At Penbox, we help companies to facilitate the process of collecting information and documents from their customers.

Today, in the world of insurance, 80% of the discussions that an insured will have with his broker/insurer will end with the need to send an information or a document. This leads to a ping pong of emails that is not optimal for either the company or its customers.

Penbox replaces this frustrating experience with a digital experience where the customer is guided through the process.

The information will be collected and sent to the system in a centralized way so that the company can process the request directly. We make the process simple and optimal, for a better customer experience and so that both parties can focus only on things with high added value!”

What HR challenges do you face at Penbox?

“At Penbox, our main HR challenge is to create a work environment where employees are happy and motivated to come to work and participate in the life of the company. Like all companies, we also face the challenge of recruitment, with the desire to attract the best talent.

As a start-up, our vocation is to continually reinvent ourselves. It’s a constant challenge to understand how to do this, and how to include all our collaborators in these evolutions. We have to make sure that the new directions are well understood at all levels of the organization.”

How does eBloom help you with these challenges ?

“eBloom allows us to take the pulse of our organization and helps us tackle several HR challenges.

Before, our perception of our teams’ feelings was based mainly on the one-to-one interviews we conducted. With eBloom, we have more details and we realize that the feedback is sometimes more nuanced than what comes out of a one-to-one. The tool brings transparency thanks to the anonymity, which allows some of our managers and collaborators to express themselves more easily. For example, we recently held a Town Hall to explain the company’s strategy, and eBloom allowed us to directly measure everyone’s understanding and commitment to what was announced. eBloom gives us the factual information, beyond the rumors or informal discussions.

We learn plenty of valuable information through eBloom. For example, we asked the question “Are you proud to be part of the company?” and found that 93% of employees are proud. This information is very positive, especially when anonymous. It gives us strength in terms of attracting talent. We have also noticed that, as a result of sharing this statistic, profiles that are more difficult to recruit were interested in Penbox, such as Dutch speakers and developers.

eBloom is also an asset when recruiting! During interviews, we explain that we use eBloom and this positively surprises the candidates. The fact that not all companies have this type of tool and that we can give our opinion and be listened to shows the good philosophy at Penbox!”

How do you use eBloom ?

“Our use of eBloom is fairly regular, sending out two Click&Bloom every week, except during vacations. We use it to measure employee satisfaction after specific events or monthly meetings to see if they were appreciated. We also take the time to analyze the results and communicate them internally.

I also find it important to observe the evolution over a period of one year and to regularly ask the same questions to measure progress. We also pay close attention to the scores at monthly meetings, and often send follow-up questions to understand what went well or not so well.

When scores are particularly good or not so good, we look closely at the results and try to understand the reasons behind the scores. If problems are identified, we take prompt action to address them. We communicate regularly about eBloom results during our monthly meetings, to open the discussion with our staff. If there are issues, we encourage our people to meet with us to discuss them and find solutions together. We believe that transparency is essential to maintain a good work climate. We have also shared the results of the eBloom surveys with our investors to keep them informed of the human situation at our company.”

How is the tool perceived by your collaborators?

“Collaborators are very positive about the eBloom tool. They are always very excited to receive their Click&Bloom and, in fact, when the Click&Bloom of the day is not sent or there are fewer of them, they express their disappointment. I am pleased to see that most employees are responding to the questions. This high participation rate is a sign of employees’ commitment to Penbox. They see their participation in eBloom as an opportunity to give their opinion to build something together. For them it is important to participate and for us it is a pleasure to see that our initiative is well received and appreciated.”

What do you like about eBloom ?

“First of all, the anonymity offered to the collaborators is an important element that allows an honest and transparent answer. The questions proposed are very clear and understandable for everyone, especially since they are adapted to the language of each person. Moreover, the ease of use thanks to the smileys response format makes it very engaging and simple for employees to express themselves. The comment section is also rich and allows people to share something while remaining anonymous.

The analysis part of the results is also very well done. The results are easily accessible and it is possible to compare them with past results. Personally, I sometimes spend an hour on eBloom because it is very interesting to analyze the results and understand where we are and how we have evolved. It’s challenging and encouraging for the people in charge of the employee experience in the company to see the areas of improvement, the impact of the actions taken and how far we have come.”

Example of things you have implemented as a result of eBloom?

“We worked with eBloom to implement training for our entire company. This initiative came in response to a question from eBloom about how our people were handling stress. It’s typical to have a higher stress level in a startup environment, but we found that our collaborators’ stress level was too high compared to the stress that the corporate environment can create.

Thanks to eBloom’s answers, we decided to implement trainings to help our staff better communicate and engage with their manager and others in the company. This has also allowed them to step back from their stress and learn how to better manage their well-being.

We also implemented the Penbox Ceremony Awards via eBloom! Each month we create polls where each employee can vote for their colleagues in different categories, from the person who drinks the most coffee to the one who shows the most team spirit. And then there’s the awards ceremony at the end of the month.

In the end, these complementary initiatives have allowed us to take into account the well-being of our collaborators while promoting recognition and cohesion within the company.

What advice would you give to other Bloomers ?

“In our experience at Penbox, it is important to communicate regularly about eBloom results and take concrete action in response to collaborator feedback. If we don’t do this, there is a possibility that they will disengage from the system. That’s why we strive to communicate effectively about the actions we take in response to our collaborators’ feedback.

We’ve also found that it’s important to keep the tool alive and make it as central and diverse as possible. We don’t just use the surveys to address heavy topics, but we try to vary the questions by also addressing lighter topics. By diversifying the topics and approaches, we have seen greater buy-in from our people.”

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