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How To Leverage The Voice Of Your Team?

Do You Want To Improve Your People's Engagement? Listen To Them! Here Are 3 Golden Rules To Leverage The Voice Of Your Team Effectively.
How To Leverage The Voice Of Your Team?
Published on
March 25, 2021

It is the people who make up the company that drive it to a positive development. And if those people are actively engaged in what they do, few obstacles can resist them.

Already convinced of the importance of engagement at work? Do you want to improve your people’s engagement?

Before acting, you first need to deeply understand how the situation is within your company. This understanding begins by measuring and analyzing the current level of engagement. Improving starts with measuring.

This measurement needs to be performed directly by your people. They own the answers, just ask them. Asking questions about their professional experience is a straightforward way to measure and understand where the improvement areas are. It’s time to leverage the voice of your team!

How to successfully take added-value from the voice of your team?

Your team already has a voice, you just need to hear it properly. These 3 golden rules will help you leverage this voice effectively:

  1. Address the right topics…
  2. …in the right way…
  3. …at the right frequency.

1 – The right topics

Engagement is made up of multiple factors. There are numerous items that can positively/negatively impact engagement. It’s worth starting by measuring the general employee experience, with questions that play a diagnostic role. For instance, are people starting their day with enthusiasm? Are they happy to work in the company? Would they recommend their friends to join the organization? These types of questions directly give you an indication of the level of engagement in the company.

Once you have this bottom line, it’s time to dig in to improve the status quo. As mentioned before, many factors can impact someone’s engagement. Where are we already good at? Where is there room for improvement? Disengagement can emerge from a bad relationship with our manager, a feeling of nonrecognition in the company, a poor work-life balance, etc. Walk through the different key factors that impact engagement (eBloom can give you access to a library of factors). When you identify a factor that is not as good as wished, dig deeper until you find the main irritants within the company. To have the smoothest transition from data into action, it is important to identify the problem at its source. The more precise the problem is, the easier it will be to solve it.

2 – The right way

It is essential to enable everyone to express himself/herself on his/her professional experience, but this feedback must be actionable. It means opening the discussion in an objective way. The more data is presented in a clear and structured way, the easier the analysis. Keep in mind to choose an appropriate response format for simple data processing. One tip is to offer a single response format where everyone rates their feelings on a 1/5 scale for each factor.

It is one thing to address the right topics with your people, it is another to get the right answers. To ensure having honest feedback, you need to create a trusting environment. This can only be fully achieved through anonymity. Anonymity enables to bring up information that we wouldn’t know otherwise. People need to know they can express their feelings with total confidence. At eBloom, we ran a survey among people expressing their feelings on our anonymous pulse. It came out that 33% of them wouldn’t have shared their feedback without anonymity. Another 48% attest that their sharing is more honest because of the anonymity. To sum up, anonymity makes total sense for more than 80% of them.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t said.” Peter Drucker

3 – The right frequency

Asking questions as a pulse is better in many ways.

It improves the relevance of the results. On the one hand, there is an obvious bias in asking all the questions at once. Is every day representative of the entire year? If you are in an especially difficult or positive period, your shares won’t reflect accurately how you feel in the company. Asking regular questions allows you to capture the true average mood. On the other hand, it gives you the possibility to analyze trends, which makes your analysis more in-depth.

More than a simple survey, a pulse is a real managerial tool. It gives companies the needed agility, in several ways:

  • First, you’re able to notice a problem as soon as it comes up rather than during the annual survey that takes place months later. It gives you the agility to act directly and to adapt your management style accordingly.
  • Second, you can adapt your questions to specific events that occur in your company. You have the agility to make questions relevant depending on what your company is going through.
  • Third, you can adapt your questions according to the results already gathered. You thus have the ability to dig into a particular topic if it looks like there might be a problem in this area.

Just as it is not “just a survey” for HR, it also represents much more than that for employees. Feeling that they can provide feedback on a regular basis enables them to enjoy a real follow-up. Implementing a pulse in your company will send them a strong message.

Last but not least, we’re quite sure you’re interested to have as much relevant feedback as possible. The more your people will take part in the survey, the more representative the results, and the more confident you can be that the actions you’ll take meet a general need. MAKE IT FUN. Be sure of one thing: people are more likely to spend 30 seconds per week providing feedback than 30 minutes a year. At eBloom, we can testify this! Our pulse achieves participation rates of up to 90%.

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