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3 Benefits Of Investing In Well-Being At Work

It Is Increasingly Acknowledged That Investing In Well-Being At Work Is A Good Thing For Business. What Are The Reasons Behind This?
3 Benefits Of Investing In Well-Being At Work
Published on
January 19, 2021

It is increasingly acknowledged that investing in well-being at work is a good thing for business. What are the reasons behind this? Among others, here are three key benefits that should convince anyone who isn’t yet.

  1. To work with happy employees. Isn’t it better to be surrounded by happy people? What would you think about improving the atmosphere at work? The working environment is mainly composed of interactions between individuals. These relationships and communications can only be improved if people are professionally fulfilled. Investing in people’s well-being has thus the power to positively transform your work environment. Moreover, in a world where happiness at work is an increasing challenge, the satisfaction of having happy employees is a great motivation.
  2. To have a performing company. If you want to perform, your greatest asset is your team. Investing in well-being at work is highly profitable for companies. Actually, for €1 invested, the company recovers €2.2 (Jean-Olivier Collinet). You don’t believe it? Let’s have a look at some figures that should convince you. Having engaged workers is undeniably a successful way to achieve high performance. According to Gallup, highly engaged teams are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable. Well-being at work impacts team cohesion and leads to a boost in collective performances. The more engaged your people are, the less absenteeism your company faces. Highly engaged teams decrease absenteeism by 41% (Gallup). If you want to keep your people for the long term, keep them engaged! They will be way more likely to stay. In fact, Gallup has proven that having highly engaged people can reduce turnover by 25 to 60%. Convinced about the benefits of having engaged employees? The first thing to do is to provide your employees with a good professional experience and work on their well-being. As you see, there’s no trade-off to be made… and no scam! You can only gain from investing in well-being at work.
  3. To attract talents. A company that cares about employee’s well-being is more attractive on the market. Indeed, people are more and more looking for a great experience rather than an appealing salary. An attractive package won’t be enough to motivate talents to join your company… Or if so, it is more likely that they won’t stay in the long-term. Companies need to become the place people want to join and stay! It is your company’s culture that has to be appealing. Caring about your people’s experience will make you stand out and undoubtedly make a difference when recruiting. And remember, your best recruiter is your fulfilled employee spreading the word about his/her great work experience.

Would you like to work in a pleasing atmosphere with happy colleagues? Are you aspiring to be a manager who provides his/her people with great experience? Do you want to build a strong corporate culture that attracts committed talents? Is your goal to make your company become one strong and performing entity? It is possible.

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