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Build A Strong Corporate Culture In Pandemic Times

Discover How To Build And Maintain The Strong Corporate Culture You Need To Keep Everyone On Board.
Build A Strong Corporate Culture In Pandemic Times
Published on
February 25, 2021

In these times of pandemic where home-working is strongly recommended, a strong corporate culture is more necessary than ever. These uncertain times are bringing stress, concerns, and mental unease. Loneliness and insecurity are now part of the daily life of many workers. They no longer see their colleagues, nor share good times with them around the coffee machine or at an after-work.

Having a strong corporate culture is essential to keep everyone on board. To adapt ourselves to the current reality, this culture must be based on new rituals.

5 steps to build and maintain a strong corporate culture :

1 – Look at where you stand today

Start with an assessment of your current corporate culture. What values do you stand for? What are your traditions? What brings your people together? Are all the elements still relevant?

To answer these questions, just talk to your team. Corporate culture is created and maintained organically. It is not up to the manager to impose his/her corporate culture; it needs to be built altogether. It is by working with your team that you develop a solid and relevant corporate culture to which everyone identifies and feels connected.

2 – Analyze current trends and adjust the culture accordingly

People are evolving. Confinement and imposed measures have impacted not only our lives but also our priorities. This isolation has had an electroshock effect on many, challenging the order of importance we give to certain aspects of life. There is a desire to get back to basics and companies must adapt to this. The ones that are concerned about the environment, social harmony, and personal fulfillment are going in the right direction.

If you have not yet thought about adapting your values and traditions to these elements, we highly recommend it. Your people might otherwise feel ignored and disconnected from the company. Always ensure that everyone remains aligned with the corporate culture.

3 – Leverage your culture to improve performance

The company’s culture and performance are closely linked. A strong culture has the power to lead your company to better performance. How do you do it? By making sure your culture supports the company’s strategic goals. This way, the culture becomes a driver of growth! Each member knows he/she can rely on the company’s culture to achieve his/her objectives.

4 – Hire people who match your corporate culture

Sometimes it is better to let a very attractive profile go if he/she does not fit your culture. Otherwise, he/she might not be integrated into the team, not convey the shared values, and that will hold your team back.

5 – Sustain your corporate culture through communication!

Teleworking generates a significant lack of communication in many companies. More than ever, make sure you put communication at the center of your concerns.

In terms of internal communication, make sure you keep in touch with your teams. Ensure that there are still enough informal discussions to maintain the quality of relationships. A cohesive team is even more efficient. To work on it, this article gives you 5 simple ways to preserve team cohesion despite home-working. Recognize the work done and highlight achievements. Above all, offer the best communication systems: favor video calls with camera on to keep seeing your teams. Communication is key to keep them on board and to preserve the connection between your people and your company.

External communication should not be neglected either. Inform your clients about the progress of your company, by feeding your social networks, newsletters,… Frequent communication is essential to maintain a link with all your stakeholders.

Working on these distinct elements will help you strengthen your corporate culture.

You can also use eBloom to help you achieve this goal. eBloom is an easy-to-use software that continuously measures the engagement, culture, and performance within your company. It provides you with key insights that show you what to work on. Learn more about this solution here, or directly book a free demo.

Why is a strong corporate culture so important to organizations?

Your teams’ level of adherence to your corporate culture has a great impact on their motivation, efficiency, and productivity.

Corporate culture has an enormous influence on talent retention. As long as the culture fits the people in the company, they are more likely to stay and evolve within it. The culture must keep evolving with them so that they can feel in line with the company’s values.

Someone who’s aligned with the company’s culture, the values it defends, its traditions, etc. feels more fulfilled at work.

In a home-working context, it is important to work on building a strong corporate culture and strengthen everyone’s feeling of belonging within your company. The culture must adapt to the new environment, including a mix of home-working and office-working.

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