Survey: 1 year later, do workers prefer their home or their office?

For more than a year now, homeworking has become part of daily life in numerous companies. But how does this affect workers’ professional fulfilment? Is it a solution for the future? Between home and office, where will people want to work after the crisis? But also... how have these opinions evolved since last year? eBloom surveyed more than 1000 people to provide you with answers!

What if working at the office meets most of our professional needs?

The survey asked people to share their preferences between homeworking and office working over a range of 21 factors, classified in 4 categories. On average, the office reached higher scores and seems to meet most of the workers' needs.

Working at the office was mostly chosen for topics related to "Work & Efficiency" and "Team & Management". On the other hand, home is preferred for factors that mainly concern the "Lifestyle & Balance". Some factors have a majority of neutral opinion. These are related to loyalty, hierarchical barriers and the feeling of support.

1 year later, preferences have hardly changed. However, are we getting tired of working from home?

  • Comparing with the results we got in April 2020, all preferences have remained the same. The past year did not have any significant impact on how people feel regarding their workplace.

  • Even though preferences did not change between 2020 and 2021, on average, working at home scored lower than last year, while working at the office reached better results.

Although the office is often preferred, workers are not tired of homeworking, they still want it for the future

At the end of the day, where do workers want to work? At home? At the office? A little of both? Find out how many days per week workers prefer to work from home in the full report below!

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