It's never been easier to bloom

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Invite your people to join the tool

We are done with long implementations! Invite your collaborators to join the tool in just a few clicks. Everyone can join, whether by phone, computer, with an email address, or not. We support you in the onboarding process and provide you with personalized materials for your internal communication.


Create your own Click&Bloom and playlists

What are Click&Bloom? They are questions about people's work experience. 

Choose the Click&Bloom you want to submit to your team. Make your selection from the large library provided or create your own customized Click&Bloom.

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Ask the right Click&Bloom at the right time

Three Click&Bloom every Wednesday? One every now and then? A week out of two? Choose the frequency that suits you best and automate it. Want to set a specific Click&Bloom on a specific day? Schedule them directly in your planner!


Your people respond instantly and in a few clicks

Whether through Slack, Teams, Mail or the mobile app, your collaborators have direct access to Click&Bloom and need only a few seconds to answer them.

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Discover the real benefits for your organization

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Access all results through a dynamic dashboard

Your dashboard shows you interactive graphs for a deeper understanding! Compare scores over different time periods and make more precise analyses on certain teams. 


Collaborate with your teams to make the best decisions

Collect action suggestions from your collaborators to improve their experience on specific topics! You can also use the collaborative area to launch all kinds of customized polls and make internal announcements

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