1 easy and impactful question every meeting should start with!

Updated: Jan 18

Forbes reveals us the one powerful question to ask when starting a meeting.

The covid-19 situation brought stress and uncertainty into the work environment. More than ever, these particular times are requiring an extra level of empathy from leaders in companies. An easy and powerful way to be supportive to our teams consists in starting the day with one simple question:

how are you doing today?

This short practice enables to build an empathic environment by focusing first on the human level.

Beside offering the opportunity for everyone to share the current challenges they are going through, the goal is also to see how the team can help. On the one hand, it enables people to solve issues affecting their own productivity and well-being. On the other hand, the collaboration among the team is boosted and a supportive culture is established in the company.

To start practicing this check in the best way, you need to allocate some time to it. Adding an extra 15 minutes to meetings is a good way to do so. It offers the space for everyone to express their feelings without any time pressure or work cannibalisation.

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