How to react smartly to the new business reality

Updated: Jan 18

The daily life in companies is being disrupted

The crisis we are going through is shaking up corporate life. Sanitary measures impose distance between colleagues, moments of conviviality are limited and habits are disrupted.

Faced with this loss of reference points, it is imperative to strengthen ties within companies in order to preserve team cohesion. This cohesion is necessary to build a strong corporate culture and a positive professional experience. In addition, the omnipresent atmosphere of uncertainty and insecurity requires companies to pay even more attention to their employees. How can they best adapt themselves to this new daily life?

The solution to best respond to this new reality

To meet this challenge, companies need to be agile and attentive to their teams. The first step is to understand how employees feel within the company. The implementation of a proximity tool, allowing them to continuously take the pulse of the company, helps in this process. Regularly surveying employees about their professional experience enables companies to stay connected to their teams. They have then the keys to face new challenges with even greater commitment, collective performance and team cohesion!

eBloom supports you with an “employee listening software”. Using this software enables you to perform this regular check on your people's feelings.