Survey: working from home vs. office

Updated: Jan 18

Homeworking, a solution for the future?

Homeworking is on the rise and often depicted as the future dominant way of working. eBloom interviewed more than 1000 people to compare working from home with its counterpart, working at the office. The goal is to understand how each of these work methods meets the needs of workers and impacts their well-being.

What if the perfect work environment lays in between home and the office?

The study shows that workers achieve a better "Lifestyle & Balance" when working from home. However, "Work & Efficiency" and "Teams & Interactions" are more facilitated

by office working. The "Organization's Adhesion & Structure" aspects present more nuanced results. In most cases, people's age, gender, function and organization size have no effect on these preferences.

Besides few exceptions, people age, gender, functions and organization size do not impact preferences

All results remain the same whatever the respondent's age, gender, function or organization size. There are only a few observable differences:

  • Workers under 35 consider doing a more qualitative work at the office and feel better in this work environment. Workers above 50 favour home, while workers between 35 and 49 are more in between.

  • Workers in medium and large companies tend to feel more productive at home, while workers in small companies are equally distributed between home and the office

People are ready to introduce homeworking in their professional life

of workers who had never worked from home before the confinement would agree to introduce homeworking in their professional life.

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