4 Myths about well-being at work

Updated: Jan 18

According to the interview of Jean-Olivier Collinet (Tendances Première), here are 4 misconceptions we have about work.

1. The level of remuneration is more important than health and well-being. NO!

Wage is clearly not the number one criterion of well-being. People consider it less important than, for example, finding meaning in their work.

2. Health and safety expenses are a cost to the company. NO!

Far from being a junk cost, these are strong investments. It leads to increasing productivity, presence rate and profitability. All these generated benefits pay back more than twice as much as it costs.

3. If the employees are present, it means that everything is going well. NO!

Do you know what presenteeism is? It is defined as being physically present although internally absent. Worse than absenteeism, it has a contagious effect within the company.

4. To have motivated employees you need a fun environment. NO!

Having a fun environment encourages some conviviality. However, it is not enough to relax the spheer and increase the well-being within your company. A real investment in well-being at work is still necessary. It is a solid investment that cannot be materialised by superficial interior fittings. It needs to be built by focusing on the human level.

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